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The World Of CPS

The World of CPS:

Man creates order.

Nature creates chaos.

Someone must stand in-between.

~ circa 35 BCE to 10 AD… unknown author found on a marker stone in Iceland 1923.

According to scientists, archaeologists, and anthropologists alike, mankind has been in existence for approximately 300,000 years. The first known civilizations: Rah, Catalhoyuk, Eridu, Urku, and others date back to 7,000 BCE to 5000 BCE. These all have passed into the dustbin of history, destroyed by outside forces seemingly at the height of their power.

Why did the most advanced civilizations in the world seem to be destroyed by what, at the time, had be called wild men? Barbarians. Other civilizations have been devastated by famine, plague, and natural disasters. Could this be by chance? Some strange confluence of circumstance?

Man creates societies, big and small. Man developed agriculture and animal husbandry to move beyond hunter – gatherer societies. Social norms and mores are formalized into laws. Technology is created to understand and tame nature in all its beauty. Man moves forward slowly and steadily. The personification of order.

But what if forces of nature conspire to ensure that man does not conquer nature. What if nature creates a personification all its own? Flood and famine, plague and draught, fire and ice have all laid waste to the works of man. But the barbarians, the outcastes and the strangers don’t just lay waste to a society but destroy it so completely that literally nothing remains. Could there have been civilizations of man that predated known centers of power? Civilizations that have been so completely erased that not even their gods remain.

Man is quite capable of making war upon itself. The order of one group imposes itself on the order of another. But what if nature took a hand as well? What if nature had its own avatars, its own champions? What if they became the personification of chaos? The barbarians at the gate. The outcastes in the shadows. The strangers at the door. What happens when order comes into direct conflict with chaos?


Who will stand in-between?

                                                                                                      Welcome to the world of Corporate Protective Services!

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